Executive Coaching Program
A six-month one-on-one executive coaching program is recommended to help clients qualifying with more effective patterns of leadership behavior.  The coaching plan will focus on the enhancement of client’s competency in self-awareness and the improvement of key behaviors.  By identifying the leadership behaviors in need of improvement and selecting the specific behavioral change modes, the coach will help client deploy a series of tailor-made and measurable action plan with steps listed as below:
  • Step 1:     Meet with client’s supervisor and/or HR to understand the needs and expectation of the coaching plan;
  • Step 2:     Explain the coaching process and set up agreement with client, ensure client’s commitment made to the coaching program;
  • Step 3:     Confirm the list of raters for 360 degree survey (incl. 2 supervisors, 2 peers and 2 direct reports);
  • Step 4:     Coach helps conduct 360 degree survey with raters; client takes Hogan Leadership Assessment and coach gives feedbacks;
  • Step 5:     Decide key behaviors of improvement area, set up the achievable milestones and design action plan;
  • Step 6:     Client solicits advices from raters or other stakeholders on regular basis and adjust the action plan;
  • Step 7:     Implement action plan (coach reviews the progress with client and set up subsequent action in every coaching session).
  • Step 8:     Assess the result (through mini-survey in the middle of coaching sessions, and to review in the last meeting).

Tools may be used during coaching sessions (depending on specific requirement and condition):

  • 360-degree Feedback Survey
  • In-depth Interview (IDI)
  • Hogan Assessment System (incl. HPI, MVPI and HDS reports)
  • Creating ITC (Immunity to Change) Map and Balance Wheel
  • Assignments for New Behavior
  • Related Books/Articles Reading
  • Self-Discovery and self-determination

Coaching Period: 6 months

  • Interviewing 1) client; 2) client’s supervisor/HR; 3) the raters of 360 degree survey.
  • Conduct 5 coaching sessions with client (on monthly basis), each session takes 90-120 mins.  The detailed schedule may be adjusted based on the requirement of client.

Career Coaching Program

  • Help client make critical career decisions — especially in such a tough economy!
  • Using a holistic approach to look at client’s strengths, skills, values, personal style and unique value-add.
  • Develop a proactive, life-long career management strategy.


  • Meet with client to understand the needs and expectation of the coaching program;
  • Sign up a contract to ensure client’s commitment made to the coaching program, mutually agree to the coaching style and timeframe;
  • Use appropriate coaching tools to facilitate client in self-awareness and minimizing blind spots;
  • Establish a coaching plan and development goals with client that addresses concerns and major areas for learning and development;
  • Manage progress and hold the client accountable for the results of an intended action;
  • Assess the coaching result.

Options for career coaching plan:




A. Interpretation and application of Hogan Assessment

Analysis of personality and job fit

2 hours

B. Career coaching program

Develop a comprehensive and proper career planning

6 hours

C. A+B combo service

Combination of Hogan assessment feedback and career coaching program

7.5 hours

Tools may be used during coaching sessions (depending on specific requirement and condition):

  • Hogan Assessment System (incl. HPI, MVPI and HDS reports)
  • Career Path Evaluation: Explore career path so as to fulfil long term goals and ambitions
  • Make use of “Immunity to Change” theory or “Balance Wheel” to design assignments for new behavior
  • Facilitate career transition techniques and mindset change
Unlimited coaching support via phone or email (not longer than 10 minutes each